A Typical Engagement

How does working with Tadge Analytics typically start out?

I normally start by getting a clear picture of how your business ticks. 

Then I aim to provide an outline of the current analytics landscape and how potential avenues might best be suited to your business’s needs.

Sometimes, the project begins by collecting answers to a range of fundamental and “apparently simple” questions (such as “What is the expected lifetime value of each of our customers?”), other times there’s a specific projects that had in mind.

I like to “simulate” a data warehouse first (perhaps involving some dummy data), so that we can prioritise a prototype of the end-result. From there, we can move over to the actual real-world data sources. 

I’m happy to train your staff on how to run the process on a scheduled basis. If we need an automated, live reporting process (which usually involves cloud technologies), we can now head down that avenue with a clear understanding of what will be required).



A typical “business dashboard” engagement

Adam is the COO of a chain of chiropractic practices.

Adam was utilising a reporting extension for his CRM, however, it wasn’t showing him the stats that were important to him (for understanding his customers and practitioners). Unsatisfied with the extensions lack of flexibility, Adam investigated whether Tableau could be a more customisable solution.

Adam required assistance in getting Tableau set up with his business’s data, so he engaged Tadge Analytics to assist with the two critical parts of this project:

1) Setting up a repeatable process to regularly retrieve the latest data from his CRM (via an R process that interacted with the CRM’s API) and

2) Creating an initial report in Tableau that gave him the stats that he needed, both for his own understanding and to report to his directors.

This project took a total of 3 weeks and now Adam has a process he can run entirely “in-house”, completely empowered to either up-skill his permanent staff in Tableau (to add further enhancements to the reporting) or to engage external contractors of his choice.